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How Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ Betrayed Gusau Group To Be Unopposed As Chairman Of Chairmen

In a crowded field of 42 candidates for the NFF Elections, Ahmed Yusuf aka ‘Fresh’  (PICTURED) will be the only candidate who will run unopposed for the Chairman of Chairmen position.

This was after he played a fast one on the powerful Ibrahim Gusau group even after he swore an oath to work closely with rival Shehu Dikko for the forthcoming Elections.

‘Fresh’ has been on the NFF Executive Committee for the past 16 years and he has wondered what he will do with his life should he not continue for another four years.

In a very desperate move to keep his place on the board, he was one of 11 Congress delegates who swore an oath at Shehu Dikko’s office in Abuja to support the Chairman of the disbanded LMC.

It is also possible that it was with the knowledge of the Shehu Dikko group that he “reunited” with the group of Gusau.

He was the mole to penetrate a rival group and get to know all they are up to.

He was also dramatic with the Gusau when he wept, fell to his knees before he swore on the holy Quran his allegiance to this other rival group.

Like it was earlier reported, the reward for his latest drama was that he will be unopposed for the position of Chairman of Chairmen.

Has he avenged the public humiliation he suffered four years ago in Katsina allegedly caused by the Gusau group?  


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