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NFF Election Rigged To Favour Executive Committee Members – Gara Gombe

The controversy surrounding the last-minute purchase of nomination form by NFF Executive Committee Member Sulaiman Yahaya Kwande after he had earlier picked a form to retain his seat on the Board has clearly vindicated the position of former Gombe FA Chairman Shuaibu Ahmed Gara Gombe that the NFF Elections has been rigged in favour of the Executive Committee Members.

Various records show that Kwande first bought a form for the position on the Executive Committee, and following a late prompting by outgoing NFF President Amaju Pinnick as well as the group led by Ibrahim Gusau, he was then allowed to buy a form for the Presidential race.

Gara Gombe said in a radio interview this week that the NFF Electoral Committee is not accountable and the entire electoral process leading to the polls on September 30, 2022, is designed to favour the top NFF officials, who have ran Nigeria Football aground for the past eight years to continue in office even in the absence of Pinnick.

“The NFF electoral process is not transparent and it is illegal because it will not be fair,” he said.

“Many people have been taken out of the box, there is no equity, no fairness.

“Under these circumstances,  only the three people on the Board (Gusau, Seyi Akinwunmi, Shehu Dikko and now add Kwande) have the upper hand.

“Anybody including myself who contests (against these persons) is wasting his time.”

He added: “These are the same people who will come back.

“And so what’s the difference between them and Amaju (Pinnick)?

“For the eight years Amaju spent they were with him.

“So, why should we go and conduct an election under the same Statutes that sustained the same people and will reproduce them again for them to continue the rut?”


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