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SAME OLD SAME OLD: Gusau NFF President, Obinna Ogba Vice President, Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ Chairman of Chairmen

Unless there is a major disruption, a good number of Northern Congress delegates have now come behind Ibrahim Gusau (PICTURED) to be the next President of the NFF with Obinna Ogba tipped to return to a position he previously occupied as NFF 1st Vice President, while Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ will be the new Chairman of Chairmen.

This is the current calculation and should it come to pass, it will be a case of same of the same as all these men have been on the NFF Board, which for eight long years took Nigeria Football many steps backward.

“Do not expect any changes coming from the NFF should this permutation come through,” an official said.

“These were the same men who got our football in the mess where it is today.”

The choice of the delegates has now been supported by outgoing President Amaju Pinnick, which invariably means he has finally dumped his long-time ally Shehu Dikko, who today ceased to be Chairman of the LMC after the NPFL organisers were scrapped by the Sports Ministry.

Pinnick has opted for Gusau because “I cannot control” Shehu Dikko, and now probably also because he was already in the picture that the LMC will be dissolved.

Pinnick’s sudden withdrawal of support and today’s disbandment of the LMC are catastrophic setbacks for Shehu Dikko, who before now has been banking on the full support of Pinnick to replace him as NFF President.

Serving Senator and appointed Chairman of the second-tier NNL, Obinna Ogba, was put forward as new NFF 1st Vice President by Pinnick.

Ogba is gunning to be Governor of Ebonyi State next year under the umbrella of the PDP.

The Gusau group has grown in power in the last couple of days so much so that it has ordered General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi to get a prominent NFF Executive Committee Member, Sulaiman Yahaya Kwande, a nomination form after he had previously purchased that of a Board Member.

Gusau’s powers have been boosted with the sudden return to the fold of Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ , who has dropped Shehu Dikko like a hot, burning potato.

‘Fresh’ will now be rewarded with Chairman of Chairmen position.

However, it must also be noted that the current situation is very fluid – as could be seen with the timing of the disbandment of the LMC – and this whole calculation could be turned right on its head in the event of some more unforeseen circumstances in the coming days.


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