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Pinnick Takes On FGN To Stop ‘Government Candidate’ Succeed Him

Amaju Pinnick has wasted no time to ensure he stops “Government Candidate” or “An Outsider” from succeeding him as the next NFF President.

He may be stepping down as NFF President, but he has rolled out his full arsenal to make sure he determines who succeeds him and that way retain some level of control on Nigeria Football.

Pinnick will meet with three Presidential aspirants – Shehu Dikko, Ibrahim Gusau and Seyi Akinwunmi – in Lagos to map out strategies how only a member of the present NFF Board will succeed him.

The outgoing NFF President returned to the country Tuesday, while Shehu Dikko, Gusau and Akinwunmi will now meet with him after it appears that the Federal Government may have perfected plans to stop those from the current administration of Nigeria Football from contesting the forthcoming Elections.

Pinnick now wants all of them to unite behind one candidate against any “Outsider”.

Before flying out to Lagos, Gusau met with Obinna Ogba, a Pinnick man and a serving Senator who is in the corridors of power and may probably have got wind of Government plans for the Elections.

One other option to stop the FGN from installing its own candidate, it was learnt, is that Pinnick and his henchmen are now considering is to get Sulaiman Yahaya Kwande to purchase a nomination form for the NFF Presidency after he opted for that of a member of the Executive Committee.  

They believe Kwande cannot be stopped by any Government directive as he has not been mentioned in any corruption probe concerning the NFF.


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