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Gara Gombe: NFF Elections Illegal And Should Not Hold

Former Gombe FA Chairman Ahmed Shuaibu Gara Gombe (PICTURED) has listed several reasons the forthcoming NFF Elections should not take place.

“The electoral process is not transparent and it is illegal and therefore it has no basis to hold,” Gara Gombe stated.

The NFF Elections are slated for September 30, 2022, in Benin City.

In an interview with Brila FM Radio, Gara Gombe gave the reasons as follows –

  1. The Statutes clearly says for an AGA to hold you should give a 90-day notice. This was not followed as they gave only 10 days’ notice and that means all decisions from this AGA are illegal, null and void, including the convening and inauguration of the Electoral Committee.
  2. An individual cannot wave or ignore any right fundamentally given by Constitution of Nigeria, a sovereign country, before an ad-hoc body like the Electoral Committee not to challenge any decisions in a civil court of the process, the Electoral Committee or Appeals Committee. That means they won’t be fair.
  3.  The Electoral Committee has not been accountable as it has insisted on cash payments for nomination forms.
  4. The known players union is already in court against the electoral process and if it goes on, the result will not stand.
  5. The nomenclature of the NFA is another issue. There is a subsisting court judgment that says “NFF” is not known to law, it’s an illegal. The AGF pronounced that “NFA” is known to law and not “NFF” and that Government should withhold subvention to the NFF.
  6. The Statutes has to be amended to be more inclusive and that has to be done before the Elections as the Sports Minister promised.  

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