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NFF ELECTIONS: Aspirants Complain Of Cash Payments, Guidelines

A cross section of aspirants for the various posts at next month’s NFF Elections has raised misgivings over some of the processes leading to the polls, which are driven by the NFF secretariat.

A good number of them took exception to having to pay in cash for their nomination forms.

“Why are they asking us to pay for the forms in cash?” wondered one of the aspirants from the South West.

“By cash transactions the federation cannot be accountable because some things can be easily manipulated.”

Some other aspirants have been unhappy with the insistence that they present original certificates including that of secondary school.

“I don’t have some of the originals of my certificates with me and it may mean I have to travel back to my base to get them,” lamented one of those aspiring to get on the NFF Executive Committee.


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  1. Usman Musa Muhammad September 1, 2022

    Corruption is still on in nff, why must asparent make cash payment?


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