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Akinwunmi Vows To Lead Change And Growth For Nigeria Football

NFF 1st Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi today declared at a colourful presentation at the Hilton Hotel in Abuja that he wishes to lead Nigeria Football to a new chapter of positive changes and growth should he be elected the new NFF President.

“I wish to lead change and growth in Nigeria Football from the front as substantive President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF),” he stated.

At a formal declaration of his interest which was attended by the cream of Nigeria Football, Akinwunmi described himself as “a unifier” and “harmonizer” of Nigeria Football, who started from the bottom of the rung.

Running on the slogan ‘Football First’,  he said he is an advocate of reforms in Nigeria Football and his time as NFF 1st Vice President will be an added advantage and not a hindrance to his aspirations.

He maintained that football in the country must run as a business, while emphasis be placed on football development, infrastructure and technology.


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