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NFF Elections Will Be Another Ritual Without Statutes Amendment – Gara Gombe

Former Gombe FA Chairman Shuaibu Gara Gombe (PICTURED) has warned that next month’s  NFF Elections in Benin City will just be another ritual practiced mainly by State FA Chairmen except the controversial 2010 NFF Statutes is amended.

Thursday’s NFF General Assembly in Lagos did not bring up amending the Statutes even after a Presidential order to that effect.

“The NFF Election is more or less a ritual because by the Statutes only the FA Chairmen determine who is President and who gets on the Executive Committee, and that will be what it will be for the next 100 years,” Gombe said in a radio interview.

“That is why Stakeholders are clamouring for the Statutes to be amended to be equitable.

“The Statutes must be amended, expand the Congress to allow more people to participate.

“Nigeria with a population of over 200 million people have only 44 persons who take far-reaching decisions on a national sport like football.

“This is against natural justice.”

He further said: “Then NFF President Sani Lulu shrunk the size of the Congress to make it a lot easier to manipulate.

“This was against equity, fairness and justice.”


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