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Pinnick Could Still Have A Few Tricks Up His Sleeves After Insisting NFF Elections Must Be In 6 Months

Amaju Pinnick (PICTURED) may have made another “promise” on national television today that he will not be contesting for a third term in office as NFF President, but it must be noted that he is far from done with the top post of Nigeria Football after insisting on a provision in the NFF Electoral Code, which stipulated a six-month run-in to Elections.

“The six-month provision Pinnick quoted on television today is in the Electoral Code and not the NFF Statutes 2010,” an expert informed www.insideglasshouse.com

“The section 4.3 of the Electoral Code is on the time lines of the procedure for NFF Elections and this can be shortened because of prevailing circumstances as is the case now.

“The Congress can amend this provision and still hold the Elections next month, when the tenure of the Pinnick-led board will come to an end.

“This was the same thing that happened in 2014, when Pinnick was first elected into office. The whole procedure was shortened within a month, from August to September of that year.”

Pinnick has already written to world football governing body FIFA asking for his tenure to be elongated till January 2023, when fresh Elections into the NFF Executive Committee will then be conducted.

This move was without him going through the NFF Congress, who have the power to extend a tenure.

President Muhammadu Buhari has advised the NFF to ensure Elections are held on or before the terminal date of the current board next month as stipulated by the NFF Statutes.

Sports Minister Sunday Dare has severally restated this position.

Privately and not before TV cameras, Pinnick has not given up on his third term ambition.

Top NFF Executive Ibrahim Gusau disclosed that only recently Pinnick approached him to drop out of the race for the NFF Presidency, but he informed him he won’t.

“Many people are not happy with him,” Gusau stated categorically.


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