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NFF 1st Vice President Akinwunmi Personal Stand And Support For Congress Too Little, Too Late

Stakeholders are far from impressed with a video clip released today by NFF 1st Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi (PICTURED with Pinnick, Infantino) in which he appeared to break ranks with NFF President Amaju Pinnick and support the NFF Congress, the majority of whom have moved to remove Pinnick from office even before his term is over.

Akinwunmi has for long been trampled upon by Pinnick and his message has now been seen as a weak effort to come clean on a multiple of atrocities by the NFF President.

“It was too little too late,” dismissed an FA Chairman from the North Central.

“First, he failed to come out to dissociate himself from the gross misconduct by Pinnick, like communicating with FIFA over a tenure elongation.

“He was supposed to be the No 2 man in Nigeria Football, but he simply went along with Pinnick for all these years until the man finally abandoned him.”

“As far as I am concerned, Seyi is only trying to save some face now after Pinnick cut him out of the running of the NFF,” added another unimpressed FA Chairman.

“It is now convenient for him to side with the Congress because he hopes that way it will win him some votes as he is also interested in becoming NFF President.”

However, another NFF Congress delegate said he believed that Akinwunmi was now ready to stand up and be counted and so this message to his colleagues.

In a short video clip, Akinwunmi spoke about “dark clouds of uncertainty surrounding the administration of football in the last few months”, while welcoming the NFF Congress to an Emergency Assembly in Lagos on August 18, 2022.

A lawyer by profession, the Lagos FA Chairman further maintained that the NFF Elections should go ahead on or before September 20, 2022, as stipulated by the NFF Statutes.

This is in direct and clear departure from the position of Pinnick.


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