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Is Pinnick Now Doing Everything To Sabotage NFF Emergency Congress?

There are now very serious indications that embattled NFF President Amaju Pinnick is doing everything to throw into total confusion the NFF Emergency Congress called for Tuesday, August 16, 2022, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

It has already been reported that Pinnick, fearful of being impeached by the Congress, has been stalling on convening a General Assembly of the NFF.

And now it is has been further confirmed that the NFF President only bowed to pressure from various quarters for the Congress to finally meet next week.

Pinnick equally wishes to go ahead of ‘Concerned FA Chairmen’, who now form the majority of the Congress, from holding their meeting should he fail to call one.  

The majority of the Congress has now been thrown into confusion after rumours that the meeting in Yenagoa has been moved by a day and will now take place on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

Many FA Chairmen have been left angry and baffled over a postponement particularly as they have already concluded their travel plans to Bayelsa.

Most of the Executive Committee members including 1st Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi  (PICTURED) are unaware of this shift in date and such a postponement has not been formally communicated to the Congress as should be the case.

“Could this be a sinister plot by Pinnick to keep out the majority of the delegates from the Congress on Tuesday?” wondered a critical Stakeholder.

“We will now work with this new date and miss the Emergency Congress.”

NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi has yet to revert to the FA Chairmen over a new date for the Congress after he promised to do so after consultation with Pinnick, who from all intents and purposes is behind a new date.

Unconfirmed reports last week suggested that Pinnick was planning parallel Congresses.


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