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Stakeholders Dare Pinnick To Name ‘Influential Nigerians’ Asking Him To Run Again

Critical Stakeholders of Nigeria Football have questioned the veracity of claims by Amaju Pinnick that some “influential Nigerians” have asked him to contest the next NFF Elections.

Pinnick has told a Kenyan newspaper that he is having a rethink about his decision not to be on the ballot at the next NFF Elections due to pressure from some “influential” persons.

“That’s very, very predictable Pinnick,” remarked an FA Chairman, who is opposed to a third term for the NFF boss.

“He has always been known to have a trick or two up his sleeves and his latest claim so as to continue in office should not come to anyone as a surprise.

“Have you asked yourself – what will be his relevance if he were no more NFF President and what he will be doing outside the NFF?”

“I dare Amaju to name those asking him to remain as NFF President,” demanded another agitated Stakeholder, who was part of the Northern Caucus in Kano this past week that resolved that the region supports a candidate from its own base for the NFF Presidency.

“By talking of ‘influential Nigerians’, he would think these people will not be assessable. But he is very wrong.

“Let him name these people and he will see whether or not they will not be questioned.”

Another delegate in the NFF Elective Congress added: “On what basis are these people asking him to remain in office?

“Have they not seen the havoc he has brought on to Nigeria Football in eight years?

“Or they do not know that the sport has long been dead under Pinnick.”

September 21, 2022, is the terminal date of the Pinnick administration.


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