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Northern Strongman Gusau Goes All Out To Overthrow Pinnick

Chairman of Chairmen and Zamfara FA boss Ibrahim Gusau (PICTURED sitting right of Pinnick) is expected to use the Northern Caucus meeting in Kano over this weekend to get a massive regional backing as well as a valuable alliance with various other regions notably South South and South West to shoot down the third term ambitions of NFF President Amaju Pinnick.

The Northern Caucus meeting is hosted by Gusau’s main ally, Shariff Ahlan, who is also Kano FA Chairman.

The gathering will also be attended by the other regions with NFF Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi, who has also declared his interest in the NFF Presidency, also due in Kano.

Any doubts whether Gusau means business to be the next NFF President were erased last week in Abuja when he openly stood up to Pinnick before a room of critical Stakeholders that he is running for the top post.

This was after Pinnick had told the gathering he will be contesting for a third term in office.

Gusau was instrumental to Pinnick’s re-election in 2018 in Katsina, where the egoistical NFF President had to go down on his knees to get his full support.

Pinnick made many promises to Gusau then, but he has not lived up to surrendering the Presidency to Gusau, who has been known to be his “errand boy” (some will even call him “hatchet man”) for many years.

In recent times, Pinnick has courted the Zamfara FA Chairman by among other things appointing him the leader of delegation to the Super Eagles 2021 AFCON campaign in Cameroon.

However, Gusau has not been swayed and he is now on track to make his first big move to head Nigeria Football.


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