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Sports Minister: FGN Watching NFF Very, Very Closely After ‘Gentle Reminder’

Sports Minister Sunday Dare (PICTURED) has said the Federal Government is watching developments in the NFF “very closely, very closely” after a “gentle reminder” was sent to the football federation as it concerns the need for a more representative Congress and that Elections be held in September.

“Government is watching developments in the NFF very closely, very closely,” Dare said in a radio interview.

“We have given a gentle reminder and the ball is in the court of the Congress and I believe the NFF leadership will do what is right.

“Election will be September 21 because the last Election was September 20.”

The Sports Minister said there was an urgent need to change the foundation of Nigeria Football, which is the king sport in the country.

“Football is king in this country and it is important we are interested in the development of football.

“Whatever we will need to do to change the fundamentals of our football, Mr President is committed to it while working with all the relevant agencies.”

The NFF leadership has taken exception to the directives for a fairer representation in the Congress and that Elections to be conducted in September as Government interference with a top official even going as far as describing it as “an invitation to anarchy”.


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