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Top NFF Official: President Buhari’s Orders An ‘Invitation To Anarchy’

A highly-placed official of the NFF has described as “an invitation to anarchy” President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent orders that the football federation carries out reforms for fairer representation in the NFF Congress as well as conduct Elections in September.

“This is an invitation to anarchy, it can only lead to more trouble and tension in the football family,” warned the top official when discussing President Buhari’s directives.

While the generality of the Nigeria Football family has applauded the President’s orders, the NFF leadership as well as the NFF Congress, which is dominated by the State FA Chairmen, has expressed serious misgivings.

The remarks and body language of the NFF Executives and FA Chairmen have set the tone that they will frustrate the ordered reforms as they do not wish to lose power.

Their position is that there is not enough time to amend the relevant sections of the Statutes to expand the Congress in time for the polls in September.


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