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FA Chairmen Demand Pinnick Reveals Controversial NFF Letter To FIFA

A cross section of State FA Chairmen has asked the NFF leadership to make available to them a letter they sent to world football governing body FIFA.

 Allegations are rife that the NFF Executive Committee led by Amaju Pinnick wrote to FIFA asking for a tenure elongation.

Pinnick’s tenure will run out in September, when an Elective Congress is held.

The NFF President has addressed majority FA Chairmen, who described themselves as “Concerned FA Chairmen”, to explain the current situation in the Nigeria Football polity.

Pinnick’s four-page letter dated June 14, 2022, touched on two court cases against the NFF and the need to be tread carefully so as not to run foul of the country’s laws.

However, the FA Chairmen are far from impressed with his explanation.

“He did not say anything of note, he was only rambling,” one of them dismissed.

Another Chairman said: “If truly he has been working in good faith for Nigeria Football, he should avail us the letter he sent to FIFA.

“We only heard about this so-called letter in social media, but we as major Stakeholders still don’t know the contents of such a correspondence.”

“He has asked us to have a united front for Nigeria Football, but in the same breath he has not been open enough to show us whether or not the letter to FIFA asked for a tenure elongation,” queried yet another Chairman.


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