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Over-sized Ego, Fellow SouthSouth Brothers To Disgrace Pinnick Out Of Office

They say pride comes before a mighty fall.

That’s the case with Amaju Melvin Pinnick.

Pinnick’s over-sized ego has caused him more problems than it has won him friends and fans.

It was this ego that has led to the failure of the NFF to vacate a mere exparte order against the football federation meeting as one body since December 2021.

Rather than for him to sit down on the table to discuss with those who instituted the case at the Federal High Court in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, he chose to go above and beyond them with his train of lawyers and so it is now more than six months and counting since the order was slammed.

Pinnick’s out-sized ego meant he could not see himself stooping so low to meet with the majority Congress Members, who demanded for a vacation of this order and a General Assembly forthwith.

The impasse Nigeria Football has found itself does not bother him, rather he preferred to make a fool of these critical Stakeholders by staging a comedy show in Warri at a time when he ought to personally engage the State FA Chairmen on the way forward for the sport in the country.

For him, Nigeria Football is one big comedy and he is the one scripting the show.

He rubbed in this fact by posting pictures from the comedy show on social media.

He can afford to make a fool of the FA Chairmen because after all said and done he bought their votes and conscience with Dollars to be elected NFF President in both 2014 and 2018.

You could say he led the way for the “Dollarisation of Nigerian Democracy”.

And by the way, who are these Chairmen to stand up to him when they so happily collected his Dollars to vote for him and now want to seriously trample on his ego by disgracing him out of office even before his tenure is up?

The drama around Pinnick is unending that today his other Achilles Heel is his immediate constituency, the SouthSouth.

It is from the SouthSouth that the plot by the FA Chairmen to disgrace him out of office was hatched.

The exparte order that stopped the NFF AGA from taking place in December and has since held Nigeria Football to ransom was secured by his fellow SouthSouth brothers and a court in the SouthSouth.

It was also the SouthSouth that opposed his candidature right from 2014 and as he later claimed forced him to seek refuge with the more accommodating North, which has now held him an unwilling hostage.

Four FA Chairmen from the SouthSouth are among those representing the so-called “Rebel” FA Chairmen in crucial talks with NFF Executives in Abuja as we speak.

It is a case of brotherly love for the showman who has often claimed he is richer than the organisation he heads.

Again, an all-consuming pride will befall you before you are disgraced forever by those closest to you.


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