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Pinnick Stands Up To FA Chairmen, Dismisses Ultimatum As ‘Nonsense’, ‘Baseless’

Contrary to most expectations, Amaju Pinnick has chosen to dare the 28 State FA Chairmen, who have demanded he calls a General Assembly with immediate effect to address pressing issues concerning Nigeria Football.

Today will make it a full week since the expiration of the deadline the FA Chairmen handed to Pinnick.

It was expected that the NFF President will call an emergency NFF Executive Committee meeting to discuss the notice of the FA Chairmen, but he has so far failed to do so.

Instead of addressing the concerns of the State FA bosses, he has told his fellow Executive Committee members to ignore the notice and at the same time he has continued to threaten many of the FA Chairmen for having the audacity to sign a “nonsense” and “baseless” ultimatum against him.

In some instances, he spoke down on some of the FA Chairmen and even threatened to call their respective state governors to remove them from office.

It is now a case of who blinks first – a desperate Pinnick or the FA Chairmen?

And it is now left to be seen what will be the next line of action of the FA Chairmen.


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