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‘Rattled’ Pinnick Begs, Threatens Over FA Chairmen Move To Oust Him

Amaju Pinnick has been left “rattled” and “confused” after it came to his attention that a majority of the NFF Congress has taken a bold step to topple him as NFF President.

As many as 28 FA Chairmen from the 44-man NFF Congress have formally demanded for a General Assembly to oust Pinnick and his Executive Committee.

“Pinnick is sh**ting in his pants right now,” a top source informed www.insideglasshouse.com

“He has resorted to begging and even threatening some of the FA Chairmen, who signed the notice for an Emergency General Assembly.

“This is the first time he will personally call some of these FA Chairmen and the ones he can threaten, he did, while those he could not, he begged them to drop out of this move.”

Another top source said: “Clearly, he has been boxed into a very tight corner for the first time in a long time.”

This may also explain why Pinnick is now allegedly financing “many clowns” to declare for the NFF Presidency.

Observers say he wants to make a mockery of the NFF Presidential contest.

Pinnick’s mandate ends in September and he has announced he will not be seeking a third term in office.


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