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Pinnick: I Am Richer Than NFF

Amaju Pinnick (PICTURED) has again made a huge claim – that he has far more money than the football federation he has headed these past eight years.

He has told close friends that he has no need to steal from the NFF because he is richer than the federation.

This is a man who reportedly celebrated his first Billion Naira in both Nigeria and Dubai with massive parties many, many years ago.

The NFF President has always been known to flaunt his larger-than-life lifestyle on social media, so also his ex-beauty queen wife.

This past weekend the party animal was in Abia State to give a befitting farewell to his father-in-law with a video clip even showing him handing out two thick wads of US Dollar bills, probably about $20,000, to his in-laws during the burial party headlined by A-listed entertainers like Sammie Okposo and Kcee.

He has claimed he is into oil and marine business even though he has so far not been able to convince anti-corruption investigators the source of his “stupendous wealth” in such a short time.

His state of the art house in Ikoyi as well as several properties in the affluent Lagos neigbourhood, a house in the famous Banana Island, Lagos, landed property in Abuja, a beach house bordering Benin Republic are believed to have been recent acquisitions.


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