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Again, Back To The Insincerity Of Mr Amaju Melvin Pinnick

Monday’s counter protest in support of NFF President Amaju Pinnick (PICTURED) was yet another self-serving, shameless and egoistic stunt by no other person than the quintessential showman and con man Pinnick himself.

Last week’s protest march in Abuja demanding for the resignation of Pinnick and the entire NFF Executive Committee was highly commended by the generality of Nigerians including the Nigerian Police Force, who said they readily identify with the pain suffered by Nigerians after the Super Eagles failed to qualify for the World Cup.

The protest was not just against Pinnick, but the entire Nigeria Football system, which has continued to sink to oblivion due to gross incompetence and a crazed corruption never ever witnessed in history.

But when Mr Pinnick in his usual gong-ho style chose to counter this protest, he as usual singled himself out for special praise and attention.

For him it was not about the NFF, but Mr Pinnick.

The inscriptions on the placards and posters carried by Pro-Pinnick protesters were as hilarious as they were bare-faced lies –

‘Pinnick your job is not done yet at NFF’

After eight terrible years of failure entrusted with piloting the one thing that brings joy to millions of Nigerians, what more harm could this man possibly inflict on the national sport?

‘Pinnick you must contest’

That he will seek a third term was never ever in doubt except of course you were one of those fooled by his TV declaration to the contrary.

‘Pinnick continue to move Nigeria Football forward’

Nigeria Football has never been this bad under his watch and the absence of the Super Eagles at Qatar 2022 has further underlined just how many years backwards it has been taken by this man.

Pinnick protesters ought to have tested the popularity of their action by marching through the streets of Abuja, like the protesters against their pay master did the previous week, rather than seek the safe haven that the NFF office surroundings provided.

The beginning of the latest drama scripted by Pinnick was when in the heat of the World Cup failure he came on national television to declare he will not be contesting for a third term as NFF President.

But close watchers of Pinnick the man and the politician had always warned that this was yet another gimmick by the man to douse the tension in a highly heated polity no thanks to the World Cup failure.

That subsequently he will cajole notable Stakeholders and even sponsors of the NFF to beg him to rescind this decision.

Former NFF Executive Committee Member Ahmad Kawu crawled out of obscurity to cry that Mr Pinnick was wrong to make such a monumental decision not to contest without consulting other stakeholders.

Ghana Football Association Kurt Okraku was next in line to ask Pinnick to seek re-election.

And now we have a faceless and obscure civil society organisation that has asked the NFF boss to have a rethink and “save” a sport that he has damaged to a point of no return.

Poster in support of Pinnick pasted on NFF office wall by his supporters.

The desperation to cling to power even after he has clearly shown he does not possess the capacity for high office is there for the world to see.

Pinnick may be on the FIFA Council and also on the CAF Executive Committee, but he is zero without being NFF President.

Being NFF President pays the bills, makes him a relevant errand boy especially to his powerful friends like FIFA President Gianni Infantino and duly massages an already bloated ego that is Pinnick.

He has also deluded himself into thinking that being NFF President keeps the long arm of the law far away from him despite his many crimes and atrocities.

But will that be the case?


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