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Pinnick: I Don’t Trust Seyi Akinwunmi, Ibrahim Gusau

As the countdown to the NFF polls in September approaches, NFF President Amaju Pinnick has revealed he will be most uncomfortable should 1st Vice President  Seyi Akinwunmi or Chairman of Chairmen Ibrahim Gusau replace him as head of Nigeria Football because he does not trust either men.

Pinnick’s Third Term Agenda is dead on arrival after he oversaw the Super Eagles non-qualification for the 2022 World Cup.

He has already told a close confidant, he cannot hand over to either Akinwunmi or Gusau even after he promised both men the exalted post and has carried on with them as if they were his successors.

Both Akinwunmi and Gusau are eyeing the NFF Presidency after they have served as his hatchet men previously.

Ironically, his most trusted ally now is the LMC Chairman Shehu Dikko (PICTURED with Pinnick) , who he had betrayed eight years ago to emerge as NFF President, and he now wants to hand over to him.

Shehu Dikko was devastated and pained when Pinnick used Government machinery to stop him from getting to Warri for the NFF polls in 2014 and in his absence Pinnick was elected.

Interestingly, it has also been a cat-and-mouse relationship between Shehu Dikko and Pinnick.

Only recently Pinnick ensured fellow Warri boy Davidson Owumi was forced on the LMC as CEO and that was after Shehu Dikko had bragged that such an appointment would be “over my dead body”…


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