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No To Visionless Leaders In Nigeria Football

As the countdown to the September 2022 Nigeria Football Federation Elections continues, there will be no room for visionless leaders.

Nigeria Football died before our very eyes in the last eight years under Amaju Pinnick’s watch.

Pinnick (PICTURED) came into office through the back door in two elections, in 2014 and 2018, characterised by massive vote-buying.

Today, all the tiers of Nigeria domestic leagues are dead.

The NPFL that is supposed to be the flagship of domestic football in Nigeria is being driven by a contraption called the League Management Company (LMC).

The LMC as we speak today is bankrupt with several court judgments including that of the Supreme Court hanging on its neck.

The PFAN Task Force is currently working with parties to enforce these court judgments in order to free our domestic football.

Amidst all these anomalies and massive looting of our football treasury, current top officials of the NFF, the lethargic and lame-duck NFF Congress members of the NFF are repositioning themselves and jostling to become President and Board members of the NFF.

This is after conniving with Amaju Pinnick and Shehu Dikko to destroy Nigeria Football.

The Footballers Bloc has signaled a clear warning that Nigeria Football administration will never be business as usual from September 2022.

The PFAN Task Force will continue to maintain that no current top official of the NFF is fit to return in the new dispensation.

BY HARRISON JALLA, Chairman PFAN Task Force/ Facilitator Project 2022.


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