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Pinnick ‘Messes Up Big Time’ In Dock At Criminal Defamation Case Against Jalla

NFF President Amaju Pinnick (PICTURED) was far from being a convincing Prosecution Witness when he was docked in a case of criminal defamation he brought against Nigeria Football Rights Activist Harrison Jalla.

Pinnick failed to establish any case against Jalla on Friday, March 4, 2022, when the case with Charge Number FHC/WR/49C/2021 opened.

When the matter was mentioned at about 11am in the morning of that day, Pinnick was invited to the witness box as PW1 to give evidence on oath.

For nearly two hours Pinnick fumbled in the witness box, telling stories that were unconnected and have no nexus with charges against the accused person.

Sweating profusely and going off curve to the consternation of the prosecutor, who was forced to interject again and again while to guide him to give relevant evidence.

Suddenly to the surprise of the Judge and the full court session the prosecutor had to stop Pinnick abruptly from giving further evidence apparently as a damage control measure to ask for an adjournment.

This according to the prosecutor is to allow for the prosecution to gather more evidence.

The Judge was furious at this stage with the prosecution who had more than three months to prepare for the trial.

Chief Victor Otomiewo, counsel to Harrison Jalla, also expressed displeasure to what he referred to as lack of diligence on the part of the prosecution.

The matter has now been adjourned to May 4, 2022, when Pinnick will continue with his evidence.

The case at the Federal High Court sitting in Warri, Delta State, is presided over by Hon. Justice Okon Abang.

Jalla was arraigned on November 11, 2021, over frivolous charges of defamation of character by Pinnick.

Jalla was represented in the proceedings by senior counsel chief Victor Otomiewo, former Attorney General of Delta State.


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