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Angry FA Chairmen Still Waiting For NFF Allowances Weeks After AFCON

Fourteen State FA Chairmen and six FA Secretaries are angry and grumbling as they are still waiting to receive cash alerts from the NFF being their estacode from the 2021 AFCON several weeks after the curtains were drawn on the tournament in Cameroon.

 Most of the Chairmen and Secretaries were forced to open domiciliary accounts on their return back to Nigeria after the NFF informed that among the new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulations was that they be paid electronically.

This was even after a shouting match between the Chairmen and the leader of delegation Ibrahim Gusau when they were told they will only be paid for seven days and not 10 days.

On return from Cameroon, many of these stakeholders were forced to travel long hours by road back to their bases to add salt to injury.

 The long and short of this story is that they have still not been paid and instead some top officials in their personal capacities put together a special fund from which the affected Chairmen got some cash for their troubles.

And so for the time being, the Chairmen are not smiling and most certainly not to the bank…


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