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NFF 2022 Budget Scam To Mislead Congress, Stakeholders

The NFF budget for the New Year endorsed by the Executive Committee led by the corrupt Amaju Pinnick (PICTURED) is fraudulent from the word go and it is only meant to mislead and deceive the NFF Congress, stakeholders and the general public.

A close study by financial experts described to  www.insideglasshouse.com the budget as vague and not comprehensive for such a sensitive document.

To begin with, under the income column money paid by organisers of both the World Cup and the AFCON were captured, but strangely enough appearance fees and prize monies for these same competitions were not.

For instance, FIFA pay a country at least 10 Million US Dollars for featuring in the first round of the World Cup.

Yet, this amount, which converted to Naira comes to over 5 Billion, was not included in this full budget.

Is it because this jackpot will be diverted to private pockets as was the case for both the 2014 and 2018 World Cups?

NFF Budget to mislead stakeholders

Also, what the NFF will get from the Federal Government as subvention for the year was captured, but again intervention funds from the Government for major tournaments like the World Cup and AFCON as well as their qualifying series were left out.

Why were such amounts which usually run into billions of Naira not included?

Under the expenditure column, there was no breakdown of the various costs ie what will the monies be used for.

Operational and administrative fund was put at 1.3 Billion Naira, but there was no mention of who the donors to this fund are.

The overhead cost was 905 Million Naira and again there was no breakdown of how this would be incurred.

This was yet again a shoddy and very unprofessional budget presentation by PWC, which is supposed to be multinational auditing firm.


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