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Purported NFF 2022 Budget Rubbishes Pinnick’s Financial Independence Boast

A cursory look at the purported NFF budget for 2022 by www.insideglasshouse.com has clearly made nonsense of the empty boast of NFF President Amaju Pinnick that the federation have achieved 95% independence of funding from the Federal Government.

Despite the earnings from sponsorships and grants from FIFA and CAF, the 2022 budget shows that the NFF still expect 75% of it to come from the FGN.

The financial independence of the NFF is such a huge joke that the NFF have again gone cap in hand to the same FGN asking for them to finance the Super Eagles 2021 AFCON campaign in Cameroon.

Pinnick has been known to often boast to FIFA that they receive very little funding from Government and in the same breath tell the Government that what the NFF receive from FIFA and CAF are just token amounts.

In the coming days, we will breakdown the proposed budget of the NFF for the New Year, which they claim the Executive Committee has approved even though it does not have the power to do so as that power resides only with the NFF General Assembly or NFF Congress.

The aborted AGA in Lagos in December caused by a High Court order meant the NFF Congress could not approve the 2022 NFF budget.


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