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Investigation Update

Where Is Detailed Notice For NFF AGA?

The NFF Annual General Assembly (AGA) has been fixed for December 17, 2021, in Lagos, but thorough investigations by www.insideglasshouse.com have shown that the football federation have again not complied with provisions of the 2010 Statutes for such a gathering.

The Statutes clearly state the steps to be taken to convey an AGA, according to Article 27 section 3.

It says a first notice must be sent out to the Congress at least three months to this August gathering.

Even this was NOT complied with as that first notice was distributed about the same time the second Notice was distributed.

To make up for this oversight, the first notice, www.insideglasshouse.com gathered, was “cleverly” back dated to September 17, 2021, by this grossly incompetent NFF secretariat.

First Notice was backdated to September 17 but distributed by time of second Notice

The second notice, which should have the agenda of the AGM, was dated November 1, 2021.

A more detailed notice, which should have besides the agenda, must also contain the NFF auditor’s report and financial statement, the President’s activity report as well as other relevant documents like proposed sections of the NFF Statutes to be amended.

The second Notice Page 1
Second Notice Page 2

This should have been distributed to Congress members at least a month to the AGA to prepare them to ask questions and make other important contributions at the meeting.

However, the inner workings of the NFF have continued to be shrouded in secrecy and so do not allow for proper inputs from the floor, who are instead expected to rubber stamp whatever recommendations and findings put in front of them.

And any Congress member could challenge legally any decisions or outcome from such improperly conveyed meeting.


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