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NFF Playing Politics With Refs Ctte Top Post Even After FIFA Sack Ahlan

Experts have said that several months after world football governing sacked NFF Executive Committee member Sharif Inuwa Ahlan as Chairman of the Referees Appointment Committee, the NFF are still dithering on a successor.

FIFA have demanded that the Chairman of the Referees Committee now has to be a retired referee.

“The NFF are still playing politics with this appointment,” a source informed www.insideglasshouse.com

NFF head of Refereeing Unit, Sani Zubairu, who is facing various allegations, is eyeing the top post even though he retired as an assistant referee and not a centre referee.

This comes after another NPFL season, where the LMC failed to pay the indemnities of match officials after doing so for the first two weeks of action.

How did the referees survive?

Bribe, better known as ‘PR’, paid by the home teams for them to be favoured in matches, leading to match-fixing.

Those in the inner circle of the referees body led by Tade Azeez worked on as many as a dozen games this past season, while those outside the cabal got a game or two.


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