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NFF Shun Master Plan Committee, ‘Our Enemies Full Ground Here’

The NFF were not represented at Thursday’s inauguration of the committee to draw up a Master Plan for Nigeria Football for the next 10 years with NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi, a member of the August committee, conspicuously absent amid grumblings by top officials that the members have personal misgivings against them.

Na enemies full ground for this committee,” said one of the top NFF officials, who even went ahead to name some of the members he has had a run-in over the years and who will now do everything to disgrace him from office.

“Well, they should continue, they will see fire ahead.”

This is sharply against the declaration by Sports Minister Sunday Dare that the committee is not working in cross purposes with the NFF and rather that they are on the same page.

State FA Chairmen, who have held Nigeria Football to ransom as they control both the NFF Congress and the NFF Executive Committee, have been bitter that they were not found worthy to be named on the committee so as to protect their own interests.

Dare has insisted that the final work of the committee will be presented to President Muhammadu Buhari and that decisions taken will be in the interest of Nigeria.


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