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NFF Allegedly Pay 5 Million Naira For Inauguration Of PFAN Rival Group

It has been alleged that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) put up five million Naira of tax payers’ money for the inauguration of a rival group of the country’s players union, PFAN, this past week (PICTURED ABOVE).

One of the conveners of the inauguration told a former international, who is now in the employ of the NFF: “There is money now. Let me know what you want.”

On Wednesday, the All Nigerian Football Players Union was inaugurated in Abuja.

Special Adviser to the NFF President, Chikelue Iloenyosi, is the Co-ordinator and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the association.

The group is allegedly the brain child of NFF President Amaju Pinnick, who is desperate for a third term to head Nigeria football and has collided head-on with PFAN over several issues including amendments of the NFF Statutes of the 2010 particularly as it concerns equal representation for the major stakeholders in the NFF Congress.

Personal staffers of Pinnick as well as NFF appointees, past and present, attended the inauguration to buttress claims that the NFF President is fully behind this new group.

“Amaju Pinnick Players Union”, christened PFAN chieftain Harrison Jalla.


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