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Nigeria Football Master Plan Committee To Be Inaugurated Thursday

A committee named by Sports Minister Sunday Dare to design a 10-year Master Plan for Nigeria Football will finally be inaugurated Thursday in Abuja despite serious opposition by the all-powerful State Football Association (FA) Chairmen.

www.insideglasshouse.com has further learnt that the Sports Minister has been in touch with some of the members of the committee during which he assured them there is no stopping the body redefining Nigeria Football.

The committee was initially slated to be sworn in last month with speculations rife that the opposition by the State FA Chairmen may be behind this.

The FA Chairmen argue that they have been overlooked in the membership of the committee.

The Chairmen thanks to the NFF Statutes 2010 have enjoyed a stranglehold of football administration in Nigeria for over a decade now – 37 of them make up the 44-person Congress.

Now this dominance has now been challenged by the players’ union, which is now demanding for equal representation in the NFF Congress by the various partners of the Chairmen.


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