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PFAN Detailed Response To Emergence Of Rival Players Union

We reproduce a detailed response from the secretariat of Nigeria’s players’ union, PFAN, on a purported emergence of a rival group.

Dear comrades, great men and women of valor, silence they say is Golden; our silence in the face of provocation is even more, wisdom.

Yes wisdom is the greatest asset of this great union.

The holy books (of both Islam and Christianity) have taught us not to be quick to speak especially when we are angry, but rather first calm so that your judgment will not be clouded.

It is no longer news that the NFF have established an All Players Union, what is probably news is that the act in itself (of establishing a footballers union) is a misnomer and indictment on the Federation.

How do you explain that a union that is supposed to be a pressure group to the NFF on behalf of our professional footballers are made up of staffers of the Federation.

The PA to the NFF President is the National coordinator and BOT chairman.

The Super Eagles coach is a technical director.

The NFF assistant technical director is also a technical director in the same union.

The Bauchi FA chairman and coordinator of the Super Eagles is also a member of the purported union.

From the above do you need any proof as to the owner and convener of that organisation?

PFAN today is a Brand to be proud of. From inauguration to date, the leadership of this great union has never lost focus on the mandate of the union which is, to Protect and Improve the Lives and Welfare of our Professional Players.

PFAN has also maintained a very high-level of decorum and professional courtesy in all our dealings, thus our symbolic partnership with the Club Owners Association, the ICPC and even the LMC and NFF.

We were on the verge of signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA with the NFF before this impasse that makes one to wonder if the Football Federation did not want to improve the Lives of the players thus the application of their Trademark Divide and Conquer Mechanism to destabilize and cause distraction.

Great comrades, it is said that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Can you then begin to imagine the greatness that awaits our union at the end of this blip, yes a blip because that is all it is.

How do we respond you must be wondering, UBUNTU as the South African Slogan says. We must close ranks as the strongest and most unified force that we are, All for One, One for All.

Perhaps at this juncture it is only right to pay glowing respect to the great comrades who showed true class and epitomized patriotism by paying for their membership of PFAN today, a true and worthy show of loyalty.

I want to also use this opportunity to plead with my great PFAN comrades, I beg you all, for no reason especially not this one should you harbor hatred for any of our defected brothers, they are also victims of circumstances. The real enemy is the one that has come to separate us.

Please remain friends and brothers for the beautiful game has made it so and it is not called the beautiful game for nothing. Love my comrades is the strongest and most powerful force that can conquer all adversaries, they remain our brothers.

PFAN Leadership is more than equal to the task and all we ask is your absolute loyalty, Ubuntu.

We have concluded to immediately write to state the current situation and our position (with documents and videos as proof) to the government of Nigeria and other international relevant authorities; this is while we continue our consultations with the Elders Council, BOT and key critical individuals and sympathizers of this great union.

In the coming days we shall convene an emergency Executive Council Meeting for a holistic discus. This meeting hopefully will provide us with answers and insights towards genuine worries.

Our erudite and highly acclaimed lawyers have their briefs and standing by as last resort.

I want to sincerely thank every member of this great union for your character, composure and courage shown so far even as I plead for your unalloyed trust in the PFAN leadership and Faith in God Almighty, our Truth.

PFAN is a child of destiny that must accomplish its task of uplifting the Lives and Welfare of professional and former players. We are focused.

These are the words of our distinguished PFAN President, Tijani Babangida MON.

I Love You All.

God bless PFAN.

Emmanuel H. Babayaro MON

General Secretary


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