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Pinnick Showing Off ‘Wafi Brother’ Owumi Only For Sake Of Third Term Bid

Amaju Pinnick has been showing off his “Wafi Brother” Davidson Owumi, who he has bragged will soon join him in Abuja as CEO of the League Management Company (LMC).

The showman NFF President has openly stood for the appointment of Owumi.

However, close watchers say Owumi is just one of many pawns that Pinnick hopes to use in his game of chess to return for a third term as NFF boss despite the calamity his first two terms has unleashed on the national sport.

Pinnick’s business partner and LMC Chairman Shehu Dikko has made it very clear that Owumi is not welcome to the LMC.

www.insideglasshouse.com has now gathered that Pinnick plans to use the Owumi appointment to break whatever resistance Shehu Dikko will have against his ambition to return as supremo of Nigeria Football for another four-year term.

Shehu Dikko also fancies his chances as the next NFF President and so Pinnick wishes to put his dear friend in his proper place so that he does not have a serious challenger to his throne come September 2022.

“There are many ways Pinnick could call Shehu Dikko to order as per Owumi’s appointment,” an official said.

“But he’s only playing politics with the whole LMC drama.

“Any way this goes, Pinnick hopes this can only give him a stronger position to be re-elected and not just go into oblivion holding only his ceremonial FIFA Council position.”


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  1. Shola fatodu September 30, 2021

    May Almighty God punished who ever on this heath supporting Amaju to come as the NFF president.


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