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Will This Save Sports Minister Sunday Dare?

Can a big photo op with world football big wigs and President Muhammadu Buhari save Sunday Dare his post as Sports Minister?

Rumours flying are that Dare is one of the ministers who could soon be dropped from the cabinet.

“He is penciled down as one of the ministers to be sacked,” one competent source informed www.insideglasshouse.com

The fiasco that was the recent Tokyo Olympics as well as allegations of impropriety leveled against the Ogbomosho-born journalist-turned-politician at his last post at the NCC are believed to have “seriously” weakened his position in the Nigerian Executive Council.

These issues have been amplified by a vicious media machinery sponsored by a federation president, who has fallen out with Dare big time and has vowed to fight naked at the market square.  

His ambition to be Governor of Oyo State has also been met by stiff resistance from the media machinery of the incumbent Governor Seyi Makinde.

To show he is not a slacker, Dare announced a committee that will design a 10-year Master Plan for Nigeria Football same day he led August visitors, FIFA President Gianni Infantino and CAF President Patrice Motsepe, to meet with President Buhari at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The Aso Rock Villa event was celebrated lavishly with frontpage photos in several of the country’s leading newspapers most likely at premium cost.

Dare also took the world football bosses on a tour of the MKO Abiola National Stadium in Abuja, where he has got the private sector to finance the regrassing of the mainbowl pitch.

And now the big hope is that the one-time Voice of America (VOA) man will not be one of the ministers soon to be axed by Baba.


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