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THE FANNY AMUN INTERVIEW: Pinnick Will Drag Luck Too Far To Go For Third Term

FANNY AMUN is a man of many parts – “The Transformer of Talents” led Nigeria to win the 1993 FIFA U17 World Cup in Japan with the likes of Nwankwo Kanu and Celestine Babayaro.

He has also coached  the U20s, the Flying Eagles, before he emerged as one of the assistant coaches at the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea.

Amun will go on to be appointed the chief executive officer of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) as Secretary General.

In this interview, he gives his personal opinion on some major issues concerning Nigeria Football.

The full interview:

Question: As an experienced football administrator, how will you score the NFF in the  seven years under its present leadership?. Give reasons for your assessment.

FANNY AMUN: Let me answer in my own perspective that it may amount to throwing stones into the glass house. Like you rightly said that in the seven years of  President Amaju Pinnick, hence he has a tenure that is ongoing and you must pardon that l assess his leadership at the end of his eight-year mandate come 2022 September.

A lot has happened that has further painted the Football Association in different perspective that you may call the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The reason for my strong opinion is to avoid making statements that may further deepen issues at a crucial moment that all hands should be on deck to make meaningful impact at the AFCON finals in Cameroon and our qualification for the 2022  World Cup finals in Qatar God willing .

 Question: There are rumours that Amaju Pinnick plans a third term as president of NFF even after he had on numerous occasions told the world that he will not. Are you surprised by this u-turn and what are his chances?

Rumour like you said of Amaju Pinnick has his plans to contest a third term. Well it will be a luck dragged too far if found to be true.

I hope Amaju should plan a safe exit after two terms and claiming to have monopoly of knowledge looks like charging the already boiling football community.

Except he has a vision to further worsen the fortune that may go down in the history not knowing the extent luck may take a wise man.

Question: You handled both the Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles as coach. Do you support the policy of the NFF not to pay these age-grade teams match bonuses and other financial incentives?

Yes, l have handled the programmes of the structures of the national teams as at then, but financially the Association has never been lucky.

I won the almighty U17 World Cup and received about 75,000 Naira only and players 50,000 Naira each, if l remember.

Apart from having the privilege to serve this great nation, financial allowances no matter how little are the benefits to add value to the expectation at the home front as a take-home.

It is a serious issue to be reconsidered  to motivate the teams which include daily allowances , estacode in whatever currency for them to experience the joy of confronting the bureau the change with calculators and ride in Uber to Zone 4, dreaming to become a professional like a millionaire as their professional senior colleagues .

Question:  What is your opinion about the composition of the NFF General Assembly as is presently constituted?

Presently it might strike you to know that the 2004 Act remains democratic, but the 2010 Statutes was to disenfranchise those that refused to compromise their integrity.

With the present statutes, there are only 7 members in the congress. The state FAs have 37 members and if you subtract that from a total of 44, you get seven.

Come to look at it the separation of power do not exist from the executive board and the congress for the reason  decisions either right or wrong sail through easily at the congress, which can’t be same in a larger congress of over a 100 members.

It is true that an amendment is envisaged, the problems will be half solved if Amaju Pinnick recent decision to nurse a third term ambition and propose all other AMMENDMENTS in the areas of proposing an electoral guideline that will allow every contestant to purchase a form at a cheaper rate and enlarge the congress with those that are so relevant to the football community, not money bags that are of no value to take charge of the game.

Anything contrary, l NO KNOW BOOK OOOO!!! 


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