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Has Man With Midas Touch Shehu Dikko Surrendered NFF Presidential Dream?

Shine Shine Bobo Shehu Dikko (PICTURED middle with FIFA boss Infantino) would have won by a landslide the NFF Presidential Elections seven years ago in Warri.

But it’s no longer a secret that his campaign manager and friend cut short his holidays overseas to come down to dash this ambition by using heavy Government machinery, from Aso Rock Villa to the office of the Inspector General of Police, leading up to the polls in Warri.

As a compensation, the Zaria mallam was appointed Chairman of the League Management Company (LMC), which comes with the additional portfolio of NFF 2nd Vice President.

Dikko and Amaju Pinnick have since then been holding Nigeria Football by Jugular.

At a time, it was even safe to say Pinnick will be happy to hand over to Shehu as he has severally promised him (but he has promised other gladiators the same post).

But in recent times, the story is very different and both men seem to have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold particularly after Pinnick endorsed the appointment of one-time rival of Shehu Dikko, Davidson Owumi, as the new CEO of the LMC.

It was a masterstroke to check mate Shehu Dikko and a move that has certainly not gone down well with the mallam .

So far, he has kept out Owumi from the LMC as another drama is now quietly unfolding.

But the crux of the matter is really what has become of the NFF Presidential dream of Shehu Dikko?

He has appeared to have been very loyal and supportive of Pinnick and he has even told some who care to listen, he will not be interested in gunning for the top post should his boss go ahead and seek a third term in office.

There are some who also say Shehu Dikko is just fighting to stay in the system, still be relevant in the administration of the game, and as long as that is not affected, he will be happy to continue to be a loyal deputy.

His main constituency, the 20 NPFL clubs, only has a vote in the Elective Congress and it has been pushing for more representation.

So, if the status quo remained, Shehu Dikko knows he does not stand a chance to take on Pinnick come the elections next year.

It must also be taken into account that Dikko, once dubbed the man with the Midas Touch, has been anything but that as the boss of the company running the country’s top league.

The little resources that came through the LMC coffers under his watch have long been mismanaged and the many sponsors he claimed will back the NPFL have yet to do so.

This can only work against him and it will be readily used against him should he dare to aim for the top job in September 2022.

 Many have already written off his chances of emerging as the next NFF President.

But it may also be a little too hasty to rule the mallam out completely, even if it meant he still clinging on to his appointment.


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