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Did Sports Minister Sunday Dare Ask Pinnick To Let Go Third Term Ambition?

It’s no longer a secret that Amaju Pinnick is gunning for a third term as President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) even after he had virtually sworn severally that he won’t be doing so.

After all the celebrations and euphoria that greeted his election (or is it selection?) to the FIFA Council, it has clearly dawned on Pinnick that he will lose whatever relevance he thinks he has mustered in Nigeria Football should he step aside and focus on his new FIFA post.

His good friend and Sports Minister Sunday Dare fully supported his tilt at the FIFA seat.

And now the talk is that the journalist-turned-politician also asked Pinnick he should put all his boundless energies at the FIFA Council, while a fresh hand tries to steer Nigeria Football to the next level.

The rumour was that it was made clear during a recent Aso Rock Villa visit by both Dare and Pinnick (PICTURED) that the next NFF President will have to enjoy the blessings of the Sports Minister…

Clearly, Pinnick has not taken heed of this wise advice, just as several of his henchmen have thrown their hat in the ring that they also wish to take charge of the NFF.

The September 2022 NFF polls will most certainly be for the heart and soul of Nigeria Football and, as they say, it will be FIGHT TO FINISH!


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