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‘United’ North To Speak With One Voice in 2022 NFF Polls

Several top football chieftains from the North have assured that the zone will be united and move as a bloc come next year’s elections into the executive committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

These officials said the North has endured more than seven years of domination by the South, which currently occupies the top two posts on the NFF Board – The Presidency and Vice Presidency.

“We will no longer play second fiddle to the South again,” one of the officials told InsideGlasshouse.com

“We have the numbers in the Congress and we will make use of it as a bloc.”

It is known that there are at least two powerful camps in the North presently – One headed by LMC Chairman Shehu Dikko and anchored by Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh (pictured), while the other is spearheaded by Chairman of Chairmen Ibrahim Gusau with the full support of Kano FA boss Inuwa Ahlan.

However, the North as a united bloc will be the game changer.

As it stands now, the North boast 24 votes in a 44-person Congress and that will give them the Presidency if they all vote as a bloc as you all need a simple majority of 23 votes to be elected NFF President.

The further breakdown is – North West 9 Votes (7 state FA Chairmen, PFAN President  and NPFL Representative), North East 6 Votes (6 state FA Chairmen), North Central 9 Votes (7 state FA Chairmen including FCT, Nationwide League One Chairman and President Coaches Association).


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