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Has Vote Buying Begun In Earnest For The NFF Elections?

Vote-buying is a criminal offence in Nigeria, but that has not deterred desperate men who want to assume office or cling on to power via the NFF Elections from carrying on business as usual.

Vote-buying was unprecedented at the 2014 polls in Warri and it continued at the 2018 elections in Katsina.

It promises to be yet another cash-and-carry vote for next year’s elections into the Executive Committee of the NFF.

And this has begun in earnest as the State FAs each received a Million Naira before the recent illegal Extra-Ordinary Congress in Benin City.

They reportedly received another 500,000 Naira besides having all their expenses paid while in Benin.

Again, one of their colleagues further displayed his generosity when he paid the house in USD as “transport fare” back to their bases.

The Congress member from the North was a former NPFL club chairman and even though he himself has insisted he does not have an ambition to get on the NFF Board, there are some who beg to disagree.

What is clear is that he will have a big war chest to buy his way to power in the football house after he recently executed a multi-Billion Naira contract courtesy of his Minister-friend.


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