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Opposition Grows Over Pinnick’s Third Term Ambition

Opposition has continued to grow against the third-term ambition of NFF President Amaju Pinnick.

Pinnick told the whole country he will not seek re-election after he secured his second-term three years ago, but it is now very clear he has gone back on this, like he has on a million other promises.

With his ceremonial FIFA Council membership but without the NFF Presidency, Pinnick will no longer be relevant in Nigeria Football.

At the NFF Executive Committee level, three prominent members from the powerful caucus made it very clear they will not endorse this u-turn.

They said after eight years of a Southerner at the helm of Nigeria Football, it is now the turn of the North to take charge of the country’s football.

What was however shocking is that two of his henchmen who are also nursing the ambition to lead the country’s football have not openly come out to oppose it.

It is either they are too scared to lose their plum posts or they are waiting for the auspicious time to dump their man big time as a tenure elongation can only harm their own personal ambitions.

In the meantime, they are the ones Pinnick has curiously entrusted with heading a committee to amend the “obsolete” 2010 NFF Statutes.

Wonders can never end in Nigeria Football!

It has also been rumoured that a top Government official has told Pinnick to focus on his FIFA Council seat and not attempt to extend the worst-ever leadership Nigeria Football has been subjected to.

Could that be the reason why the said official suffered at the hands of hired pen pushers at the height of the fiasco at the Tokyo Olympics?

After all, their sponsor has very deep pockets.


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